Church History

On February 19, 1942, a group of people gathered at the home of Mrs. Lillie Mae Chatfield located at 132 Phillips Lane, Macon, Georgia. The purpose of the meeting was to organize a church. Four ministers were present: Pastor S. N. Nelson, Pastor F. O. Stadium, Pastor J. H. Hudson, and Pastor E. E. Edmond, Sr. The meeting was called to order by Pastor J. H. Hudson who served as moderator. The following church officers were elected: Deacon Ben Fitzpatrick, Chairman of Deacons; Mrs. Lillie Mae Chatfield, Secretary; Mrs. Bertha Brown, Treasurer; and Pastor E. E. Edmond, Sr., Pastor.

The newly elected officers decided to name the church. Beulahland Missionary Baptist Church. They held services on the second and fourth Sunday of each month at Mrs. Chatfield’s home until the church moved to a vacant house on Wyche Street, on August 26, 1942. Soon the membership began to grow and other officers were elected. During this growth, a lot was purchased at 2286 Ashley Street, and systematically they began to build a new facility. On the second Sunday in September 1945, Pastor Edmond and the members of Beulahland marched from the Damascus Baptist Church into their new sanctuary. As other souls were added, different auxiliaries were organized. He was a faithful and humble leader- always smiling and willing to lend a helping hand. Early in 1961, Pastor Edmond’s health made him unable to pastor, as he desired. For about three years, Pastor Edmond’s brothers and friends in the ministry helped the church continue to hold services during his illness. Beulahland Missionary Baptist Church was grateful to Pastor J. Lockett, Pastor Jack Smith, Pastor L. J. Brown, Pastor L. J. King, Pastor W. E. Walden and Pastor A. L. Hudson for their assistance during that time. In 1964, Pastor Edmond’s health necessitated the he resign as Pastor of the Beulahland Missionary Baptist Church.On May 9, 1964, Pastor A. L. Hudson accepted the invitation of Beulahland to become Pastor. Pastor Hudson is remembered as a devout, God-fearing man.

Under his leadership the church grew in membership, interior and exterior renovations were made, new furniture and carpet were purchased, the junior church and the Board of Trustees were organized, and additional deacons were ordained. In 1971, the expanded membership was relocated to 656 Ell Street. The first worship service at the Ell Street location was held on February 27, 1972.

In 1982, Pastor Hudson secured funds and hired a contractor to remodel the sanctuary. The congregation moved into the remodeled building on January 30, 1983. Pastor Hudson served faithfully until his death in November 1989. After his death, the church was without a shepherd for six months. On May 5, 1990, Beulahland extended the invitation to Minister E. Dewey Smith, Jr. to service as Pastor. As Pastor Smith became the leader, the church began to grow phenomenally. However, in June of 1994, Pastor Smith was led through Divine intervention to move the church from its Ell Street address to its present location and established the First Step (Daycare) Learning Center and the Beulahland Community Development Center. In December 2003, Pastor Smith resigned as Senior Pastor. 

On February 3, 2004, Beulahland extended the invitation to Dr. Maurice Watson to become the fourth Pastor. Dr. Watson asked God to put him on the fast track and his request has brought for the following: increased membership and visitor attendance; complete renovation of church interior; new paving and additional parking (front and back); professional landscaping; television broadcasts seven days a week; on-line video broadcast 24 hours a day; establishment of second location in Warner Robins, GA.; and the hiring of a renowned Minister of Music, Jay Terrell among other blessings. The church under Pastor Watson has adopted the motto, “Changing the World from Middle Georgia” and Beulahland looks forward to new visions as God uses His beloved servant.

The church under the leadership of Dr. Watson continued to make significant marks in ministry and in the community. However, Dr. Watson was called to a new assignment as the year closed in 2014 and Beulahland prayed and prepared to welcome a new leader.

Pastor Carlos L. Kelly from Little Rock, Arkansas was commissioned by God to accept the position as the new pastor of Beulahland. Pastor Kelly comes with a distinguished resume and his love of people and God’s word is well documented and displayed. Beulahland looks forward to growing with Pastor Kelly and welcomes everyone to grow and fellowship with us.